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Top Wedding Tips

Top Wedding Tips from Vicky J Brown

  • This day is about you and your partner. You're announcing officially to your family and friends that you want to spend the rest of your lives together. You have invited them to share it with you!
  • Most venues have a maximum capacity, therefore limiting the number of people you can invite to your wedding. Write a list of the guests you would like to invite(for day and evening) before you book your venue. Especially if you want a large wedding as you don't want the hassle of trying to eliminate wedding guests.
  • Think about your personalities: What do you enjoy? What are your hobbies? Who are your friends? What do you have in common? What do you want most from your wedding? How do you see yourself getting married? Brainstorm a few ideas as this may help you establish the type of wedding you want. Don't be afraid to be daring.
  • The more months you have to plan your wedding the more options you will have. Don't rush your planning. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Experience it.
  • Plan. Plan. Plan: and be organised. You will find it very useful to have the following: 2 wedding files, a wedding book, wedding diary and a wedding journal.
    • Wedding file 1: Keep all receipts and confirmations in here.
    • Wedding file 2: Use as a 'scrap file' for torn-out pieces of magazines, printed off internet sheets and any other bits such as material, draft invitations etc.
    • Wedding book: Make notes of your ideas, brainstorms and to-do lists.
    • Wedding diary: Keep all important dates of meetings and deadlines.
    • Wedding journal: You can have a separate book or use a mixture of your wedding book & diary. Use your wedding journal as your own private diary as you may need it. You may have the most amazing planning days but you may have days where you could just throw in the towel. Writing down your thoughts will help you through the coming months, plus it will also give you something to look at in years to come.
  • On the day:
    • Ensure the day before is a relaxing one i.e. day with bridesmaids, spa / beauty treatments; anything but wedding arrangements.
    • Make sure you put together an emergency kit. This should contain the following: headache tablets, indigestion tablets, hankies, needle & thread (colour of your dress and bridesmaids dresses) breath freshener and safety pins.
  • Try not to leave for your honeymoon on the day or day after your wedding. Adrenaline rushes will be an understatement. Enjoy the full day with your family and friends. Perhaps get together for a smaller gathering the day after. You may not get chance to talk intensively with some of your guests, so this would be a way of recollecting the day. Share stories, replay the scenes, laugh and take in the whole experience.
  • If you decide to go on your honeymoon a few days after your wedding, leave your wedding gifts wrapped until you come back. Even if you love presents, as it will give you something to be excited about on your arrival back home. Prolong that 'wedding feeling' as it will soon pass over. This tip may help with 'post-wedding blues'. Yes, there is such a thing.
    • Plan. Plan. Plan.
    • Need help? Pull it in. Whether this be family, friends or a professional.
    • Confirm everything IN WRITING and then double check 4 weeks before the wedding.
    • Relax, enjoy and take in every moment.

Extract from: Vicky J Brown - The Wedding Planning Book for the Deviant Bride

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