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How to lose weight for Your wedding

How to lose weight for Your wedding by Susan Mckenna Life Fitness Coach


The best way to lose weight prior to your wedding is to allow sufficient time.


Weight won't just fall off overnight and if it does (by following a fad diet) all of the weight plus more will pile back on as soon as you eat normally again.


Why is this?

Well, when you follow a fad diet which guarantees quick results the weight you lose is usually muscle mass. This is not what you want to be losing as less muscle mass means a slower metabolism so when you come off your diet and eat normally again your body burns the food you eat in calorific form at a much slower rate hence, why you put more weight back on. Also, more bad news is that the weight you put back on is usually stored as fat and not replacing the muscle mass you have lost!


The first steps to take are to decide on how much you want to lose and give yourself a good amount of time to lose the weight in, the slower it comes off the more likely it will stay off. I'd say to aim for around 2 pounds per week for a safe weight loss target. Once you have worked this out you need to get into the correct mind-set, if your head and your heart are not in it you are not motivated to lose your weight.


To help you with this try writing a food diary the week before you plan to start your weight loss journey. The food diary should highlight a few surprises that you hadn't noticed before writing everything down, and I mean everything, drinks as well! You will see where your snacking trends are and also see what and how much of the bad foods you eat there are!


Once you start your weight loss I would recommend you begin with a detox of some sort. Nothing too severe, just a 5-7 day detox which doesn't allow things such as caffeine and reduces the amount of white potatoes, bread, pasta and rice you eat for a week. These foods are the ones that set off cravings. They create peaks and slumps in your sugar levels and are not broken down by the body as well as the whole-wheat varieties.


Once your detox is over the real work begins. By now you should have overcome any cravings and headaches you may have suffered during detox which are withdrawal symptoms from the food you have cut out. You can introduce those foods back into your diet but only in small commodities and in the whole-wheat variety. Try and work out your food plate and intake throughout the day by keeping the food diary going. Aim for 5 small meals per day starting with breakfast which should be where your highest level of carbohydrates per meal is and also some protein. Every meal should have some level of protein as it keeps hunger at bay and also helps to rebuild your body/muscle mass. An ideal breakfast could be a bowl of muesli topped with low fat natural yoghurt or try an open poached egg sandwich made with one slice of wholemeal bread.


The next meal of the day should be made up of a small snack. This could be a handful of nuts/seeds, a piece of fruit, a protein shake/bar, low fat natural yoghurt, etc... Follow this with a healthy lunch such as a chicken salad (no dressing or a drizzle of olive oil). Try adding chilli flakes to give it a bit of a kick. Another snack in the afternoon of the same type listed above will keep your hunger away and also keep you alert, ridding you of that mid-afternoon slump which a lot of people get after having bread, potatoes, pasta or rice for lunch. Dinner can be another healthy meal but something that you may have eaten prior to your weight loss but just adjusted a little. A roast dinner can be eaten without the potatoes or try sweet potatoes instead. Mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potato, no skin on the meat and try to get as lean a cut as possible. Make sure you pile up all of the vegetables and try and avoid Yorkshire puddings and gravy. If these are a must try making the puddings with wholemeal flour and use as little fat to cook them as possible, minimise how many you have!! Gravy in small amounts and not as thick as usualif you can't face a roast without it. Alternatively you could have a piece of salmon baked in the oven or steamed accompanied by vegetables such as asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, the greener the better!


Losing weight is all about sensible eating and not about giving something up. If you think you have to give up the food you love then you will crave it even more. A treat now and then is fine, everything in small doses. If you have an off day, don't then give up; just tell yourself that you will be back on track again tomorrow. Good luck.

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