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Be Different book a PartyBooth for your wedding Night

Gone are the days where your wedding night party is a simple disco and buffet. Brides and grooms now look for that something extra special to make their night even more entertaining and memorable, be it chocolate fountains, candy counters, magicians or live bands. The latest newcomer to evening entertainment additions are Photo Booths. These Photo Booths are the latest craze to hit the UK Wedding Industry over the last couple of years. By Photo Booth, we don't mean the type you have your passport pictures done in supermarkets

Owner and Managing Director of The PictureBook Studio Ltd, Jonny Regan says, I have always been a fan of anything quirky or different and during a recent wedding I attended in America, I was blown away by the huge buzz that was created by a solitary photo booth stood in a corner of the function room. I watched in amazement as guests queued up all night to step up to the booth, dress up in crazy hats, wigs, glasses, feather boas etc and have hilarious pictures taken together inside the booth. Well I had to have a go, and right from the start I was hooked. I actually spent most of the night in there with many guests who I didn't even know, but together we laughed at the outrageous ways we'd dressed up and posed for the pictures. As an added bonus, I left the wedding with numerous photographs as priceless keepsakes from the wedding night. On the plane journey home, I made a decision to hunt one of these photo booths down and purchase one to hire out around the north east.

I came across an absolute diamond!! A bespoke custom built Photo Booth, larger than any of the others I had seen, as this one could fit up to 10 guests in simultaneously. This booth had been doing all of the wrap parties for various television shows around Manchester & London and most recently the cast & crew Christmas parties for the likes of Emmerdale and Coronation Street. Imagine? I asked myself. how outrageous the pictures would be with 10 merry, dressed up party goers in at the same time. It was a no brainer!! I snapped the companies hand off and brought it back up north with me that very same day! And so was born The PictureBook PartyBooth!!!

Having done numerous weddings now, the best thing about manning our Photo Booth, or Party Booth as we call ours, is the sound of sheer uncontrollable laughter coming from inside the booth, and the look of excitement and anticipation on the guests faces as they run to snatch a look at their printed pictures! It's also priceless seeing the look on the bride and groom's faces at the end of the night when they read through the guest book that we put together containing a copy of everyone's strip of photographs with their own personal message written alongside. This book is worth its weight in gold, I mean how often do you get to see the mother in law, or the grand parents dressed up in huge afro wigs, jumbo 70's sun glasses, sporting feather boa's whilst playing inflatable guitars and saxophone's? Hilarious!!!

Not only does the PartyBooth provide a whole nights entertainment, it brings everyone together. Guests who have never met before, stood together in giant cowboy hats playing inflatable instruments, pulling faces into the screen, giggling away like kids!

Because you're guaranteed a night of side splitting laughter and entertainment, that brings your guests together. Then everyone gets to take away a special wedding favour strip of pictures to remember just how much fun they had at your wedding night!! And you get a bespoke guest book full of pictures and messages from everyone at your wedding.

For more information or to book our hilarious PartyBooth visit:

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