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Look and Feel Fantastic by Choosing the Right Colour Outfit

Mother of the Bride by Jill Green (House of Colour Personal Stylist)

Whilst browsing in a local boutique, I overhead a mother and daughter talking to the assistant about a forthcoming wedding (3 months hence). They were looking for a Mother of the Bride (MOTB) outfit, the daughter was the Bride.

 The MOTB has a responsibility to look amazing for herself, her daughter and traditionally as the host of the event. However, this MOTB had no idea 'what' colour she wanted to wear for her and her daughter's big day.

What she did know was that she DID NOT want to fit in with the Bridesmaids and DID NOT feel the need to fit in with the colour scheme of the Wedding.  

This should have opened up so many possibilities of Colour for the MOTB if only she knew what Colours suited her.

Some MOTB feel differently about this and WANT to fit in with the Wedding Colour scheme, which presents lots of opportunity for Colour as long as you know which Colours co-ordinate with the Wedding theme and which ones look good on you.

The assistant was attentive and showed the MOTB her stock. Several outfits were randomly chosen and taken into the changing room.

Each time the MOTB appeared, she was less than impressed with the view in the mirror. The combination of a dress and jacket and hat in the same colour way looked quite drab and uninteresting. ''It`s too much of the same, she announced.

I browsed, watched and listened as the three outfits were tried on. Each time the MOTB became a little more despondent.

 Feeling like this shopping trip was about to be abandoned, I decided to talk to the MOTB and her daughter. I initiated a conversation and asked her if she had heard about the benefits of Colour Analysis. They both listened with interest at how discovering your BEST Colours & Style could help you shop for the perfect outfit for the BIG DAY.

 I asked the MOTB about her `natural hair colour` and the colour of her eyes. I noted the colour of her jewellery (gold or silver) and that she wasn`t wearing any makeup. I had seen some colours on her and noted that they were all `Cool` colours she was trying, which weren`t helping.

From the answers she gave, my knowledge and experience, I picked out a gorgeous outfit in a beautiful colour way, which had not been considered. ''I wondered about that one. The MOTB said. A few minutes later the MOTB emerged from the changing room looking delightful. I asked her to pop some lipstick on and I accessorised the look with co-ordinating (not matching) jewellery, I gave ideas about the colour of the shoes and bag. What a difference!  The MOTB was energised again and gladly accepted my tips and advice and the option of a second outfit to try on in a different colour way, with thicker straps (to conceal the bra) and a more flattering gather across the tummy area.

Now it`s not just about `looking good` on the Wedding day, you need to `look good` on the photographs for years to come. So it makes good sense to get the `Mother of the Bride look` absolutely right. By investing in some help with a House of Colour expert, you will see for yourself the difference choosing the right Colour and Style can make. You will have more choices of outfit colours which all work on you. Shopping will be a more positive experience and you will look amazing and feel confident on your daughter`s big day.

A Colour Consultation will show you your best `head to toe` colours along with all the co-ordinating colours which tone and blend with you.

You will also know the spectrum of colours for your make-up and by investing in a Skincare and Make-up Class; you will be shown how to look after your skin prior to the wedding and how to achieve that perfect polished Special Occasion look.

To discover your Style, your body shape will be considered, your clothing, your personality, then choice of fabrics and which patterns which work on you.

Your personal Consultation can be carried out in one day to include some shopping time or taken in stages with friends. The choice is yours.

Top Tips for Mother of the Bride Shopping!

1.   Go shopping with an open mind to a recommended boutique.

2.   Put your best underwear on, wear the most supportive bra

3.   Take some shoes of the correct heel height to try on with your outfit

4.   Wear your make-up!

5.   Invest in a Colour & Style consultation.

If you don`t know your Colours - Think about what colours drain you and make you feel drab and avoid them. Think about what colours `like you` and how you feel in them. Think about styles too. Remember black is for funerals!

6.   Take some jewellery with you to try on with the outfits.

7.   Leave `pushy` friends at home and shop with a House of Colour - Personal Stylist who will give you impartial advice.

8.   Set yourself a realistic budget and stick to it.

9.   Try on a few outfits to see what style dresses, jackets, patterns and fabrics look good on you. You will learn a lot by allowing yourself to try garments on.
10. Don't but anything you don't LOVE

I would be delighted to help you choose the right Wedding outfit which will be remembered for all the right reasons. The first step is to contact me to discuss your personal requirements.

Email me to receive your FREE House of Colour guide!

Happy Shopping


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